Invited Special Session:
Title: “Controller and Power Hardware-in-the-Loop (C/PHIL) Simulation of
Electric Power Apparatus and Controls – Theory and Practice”,
Chairs: Georg Lauss (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Vienna,
Austria), Mischa Steurer (CAPS Center of Advanced Power Systems,
Tallahassee, Florida, U.S.)”

“The investigation on electric power and energy systems demands for powerful
simulation methods to investigate both component behavior and system level
interactions. New concepts and technologies have to be simulated prior to
field installation in order to ensure safe operation and reduce the cost
of field testing.
Therefore, advanced modeling and simulation technologies as well as testing
procedures and recommended practices towards standardization guidelines
are required for both components and for entire energy systems. Real-time
simulation technology offers such platform where state-of-the-art digital
hardware and software is used to produce faithful responses of the systems
using electromagnetic transient modeling techniques. The aim of this
special session is to encourage the discussion on challenges associated
with using HIL methodologies and real-time simulation systems with a
varying degree of model fidelity. Particular focus of this special
session, heavily linked to topics in the WG P2004, is set to guidelines of
Controller/ Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop experiments, real-time modelling of
electric power systems, and establishing an HIL simulation, in general.”

Topics of the Session:
o Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation
o SHIL / CHIL / PHIL simulation systems- application, theory and
recommended practice
o Interface Topologies for real-time applications
o Real-time modeling and simulation of electrical networks

Deadline for abstract/papers submission:

June 15, 2018

For paper submissions, please follow this link